I have the following sheet:


I would like to calculate "Total Work" by deriving it from my own notation. When I do 6 sets of 10 reps of bench press at 200lbs, I want to write and see 6x10x200, but then, in addition, see a "total work" computation that recognizes the pattern NUMxNUMxNUM, or NUMxNUMxNUM, NUMxNUMxNUM

If this problem would become much easier to solve with some adjustments to my notation, for example, NUM*NUM*NUM, this would work perfectly fine.

  • can you add example of desired output?
    – user0
    May 16, 2019 at 0:37
  • @user0 sure! good idea! May 16, 2019 at 0:53

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 SPLIT(TRIM(TRANSPOSE(SPLIT(REGEXREPLACE(C3, "((.*))", ""), ",")&"x1")), "x"), 
 "select Col1*Col2*Col3 label Col1*Col2*Col3''", 0))))


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