Is it possible to use the results of a calculated field as part of a new calculated field? I know further calculation could be done outside the pivot table but I was hoping there was a way to somehow do this within the pivot table.

Appreciate your feedback!


Accessing the values of one calculated field in another such field from the Pivot Table menu doesn't seem possible.

Here are two facts that were encouraging, but I suspect are dead ends:

  • Access columns from the origin sheet of your pivot table via their header values;
  • There is a GETPIVOTDATA() function to access pivot table data.

Regardless of trying to reference pivot table headers local to the workbook or as absolute values, I wasn't able to make it cooperate.

As another misfortune, you can't create a table which explicitly references another. So while you can create a new column with cells referencing cells, any expansion or contraction of the table may cause those outside cells to become inaccurate.

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