I am trying to make a filter with a query based in a column, but I cannot make it works.


This is a template for something near to what I am trying to do.

Imagine I have a lot of info (+70.000 rows) and I need to filter it to see only active workers.

The only way it worked for me is with this manual formula:


But maybe there is another way to do, for just add names in the "not actives" column, and automatically the active workers are updated.

I don't know if it's clear, but I can add some info. This formula in Query worked to me for only one name:

=QUERY(A2:H,"Select E, F, G,H where E !='"&B2&"'' and E is not null")

But if I tried to make it with all the column:

`=QUERY(A2:H,"Select E, F, G,H where E !='"&B2:B&"'' and E is not null")

It's not working.

Is there another way to filter all the data?




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  • Thanks man! U are amazing ^^ – NumbersOfSix May 17 '19 at 11:23

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