I watch general videos on youtube at 720p and programming/ tutorial videos at 1080p I have searched a lot and its almost certain there is no keyboard shortcut to jump to the next higher/ lower video resolution as per the need.

How can a quick shortcut implemented/ achieved using some extension or a script?


There might be a workaround for this. I've been using "Hot Keyboard" macro for the past couple of years to deal with such problems.
It has a very neat keyboard recorder/editor and you can also set several conditions for running a macro with a keyboard shortcut. In this case you can set a keyboard sequence like this to get it done:

f(full screen),7tabs(get to setting),space(open setting menue)2down(get to quality),xdown(get to the quality you want),enter/space  

Then you can assign a keyboard shortcut in 'Hot keyboard' to this sequence. Such solution works seamlessly for me most of the time as if I've added a costume keyboard shortcut to YouTube for myself.

BTW: The developer of 'Hot Keyboard' seems like a very nice guy. Don't forget to support him with a purchase.

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    hey @dashakol Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately i'm on mac and the Hot Keyboard is only for windows – Jagdish Adusumalli May 18 '19 at 18:46

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