I have five email accounts.

In chrome, I go to gmail.com, I log into one of them, and at the top right there is an icon for my account. If I click it I can see all my other accounts. Clicking on one of them I am automatically logged into that Email account. It's really convenient.

It doesn't seem to matter which one I log onto initially.

If I try from an incognito window, I don't see any other linked accounts.

So does this mean that the linking is stored in my Chrome settings on my MacBook?

I can't find it anywhere in the Chrome settings.

Basically I want to know whether an intruder who has gained access to one of my accounts is able to access all of them. Including the Google Drives.

If an intruder gains access to my MacBook File system, clearly they could extract my chrome stored passwords, and that would be game over.

But I think if one of my accounts is compromised remotely, this won't affect the other accounts.

Is this understanding correct?

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