I use Outlook as my local computer client, connecting to gmail via IMAP. In Outlook, it's easy to sort nonrecurring calendar items by date, delete old ones, show recurring items by end date, then delete those with old end dates. I can also show which have obnoxious attachments that take up exorbitant space, and delete those.

I don't normally use Google Calendar, but when I accept invites using Outlook, the resulting deletion of the invite causes it to go into gmail's All Mall rather than the Trash bucket. I don't mind that, as long as it's easy to clean and maintain. Can I do the following in one fell swoop each? I normally use the gmail interface for search from Windows 7.

  1. Can I delete all nonrecurring invites before a date?

  2. Can I delete all recurring invites with end dates before a certain date?

  3. Can I delete all responses to invites that are older than a certain date?

  4. Can I collect all invites with attachments for inspection, then delete them selectively or all at once?

  5. Will any of the above deletions propagate to my Outlook client? I don't want that, as I do my own house-cleaning in Outlook.


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