I'm trying to rotate values in a sheet and then duplicate the first value in the row as a header. For example:

a | b | c | d

would become:

a | b
a | c
a | d

Is there any way to do this with just Google Sheets commands, or do I need to use a script?

  • can you provide larger sample of example? – user0 May 19 at 1:30
  • @user0 Sure, did that help? – Ethan Chapman May 19 at 1:32

 TRANSPOSE("♥"&A1&"♦"&B1:D1), , 999^99), "♥")), "♦")))

enter image description here

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    Wow! I'm still trying to wrap my head around how this works, but using ♥ and ♦ as delimiters was a neat trick! Very fast solution as well! Would you mind explaining how the blank query works? – Ethan Chapman May 19 at 1:45
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    blank query is an alternative to JOIN or TEXTJOIN which are limited to join only 50000 characters. this "query smush" is pretty much limitless (can process 999^99 (= 9.05698E+296) rows of data) – user0 May 19 at 1:51
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    After picking this apart, I came up with =ARRAYFORMULA(SPLIT(TRANSPOSE("♥"&A1&"♦"&B1:D1), "♦♥", TRUE)), which seems more efficient. Are there any issues with this solution? – Ethan Chapman May 19 at 1:56
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    nah, that would work too for one row. however, it's not scalable so: i.stack.imgur.com/YumzC.png – user0 May 19 at 2:06

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