Yesterday, all may after 4/5/15 went 'missing' from my Inbox. The emails are identified in 'All Email' but not Inbox. I use 'Priority Inbox', prioritized by 'Unread,' 'Important,' 'Starred,' and 'Everything Else.' I have had this setting for years. Before yesterday each filter had the first 25 emails meeting the filter requirements. Now, I get 25 emails of Unread, Important and 'Everything Else.' (no 'Starred.' These 25 emails include emails from yesterday and 4/5/15 and before (no emails between 4/5/15 and yesterday show). When I select 'All Mail,' I get the first 100 of 17,000 emails in chronological order, including those 'missing' from 4/6/15 and after. I have checked all filters as well as Archive settings and there does not appear to be any changes (at least none, I have made.)

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