I have a similar problem as TL;DR, reported here:

Can’t download/export a large Google Docs document as PDF (what are the limits on Google Drive?). (n.d.). Retrieved 12 May 2019, from Web Applications Stack Exchange website: Can't download/export a large Google Docs document as PDF (what are the limits on Google Drive?)

My document has these features:

Pages 195 Words 30825 Characters 187142

The crucial features: many formula, images, tables, some linked to Gsheets, hyperlinks within and beyond the document.

The suggested solutions in the TL;DR discussion of using PRINT to PDF do not work for me. Reason: the hyperlinks mostly fail to be enabled as hyperlinks.

I switched from Chrome to Firefox. For about two weeks I was able to continue to add to my GDOC, then generate my pdf.

But now today, I can no longer generate the pdf from Download AS pdf or even PRINT AS pdf.

The browser seems to take a long time, then I guess it times out.

As suggested in TL;DR, I have disabled Hardware Accelearation in both Chrome and Firefox, again no help.

I am reluctantly planning to break up my file, loosing the advantages of the automatical internal links to headings, subheadings, Table of Contents etc.

I have the page published from GDOCS where it is linked on a product website. That giant html page all works very well.

See for instance:


Any other solutions or suggestions please?

  • Are you a G Suite customer? I successfully exported this on my Mac with Chrome, it took two minutes. – Ian Hyzy May 23 '19 at 16:33

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