I have a Google Docs document which I share with other users through the Share through hyperlink feature.

On that document, on every heading level 1, 2... I use Format > Paragraph style > Title 1, 2... for creating pretty formatted titles and at the same time automatically building the TOC.

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I'd like to generate an hyperlink which allows me to share the document but also that the user opening the document lands directly on one of the headings. Like a traditional web URL with #anchor.

Is it possible?

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This is possible, when you click the header in the table of contents you'll see a string starting with heading appended to the URL like so:

example of header append to URL

Share out the URL with the #heading string at the end and when users open the doc it will open directly to that heading.

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    Nice! Scroll position isn't very precise but it's working. Thank you! May 27, 2019 at 11:06

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