Let's say I've exported a KML (from My Google Maps) with a list of placemarks like:

    <name>Bachledzki Wierch 8a</name>
    <description>tel: 606426336</description>

Is there some tool or online mapping app that uses those to auto-populate a legend table in a corner, listing items labeled A, B, C, etc.? With each of those letters alone showing along with pins at their waypoints on the actual map.

In https://www.google.com/maps/d I went so far as to assign custom raster images to the icons of each Placemark, to attain alphabet letters.

However, I still wasn't able to come up with this seemingly natural appearance with any screenshot, print or export configuration.

At best, the item titles show the <name> field alone, and often truncated, and never the <description> field also (perhaps in lines below the place name), which contain the essential contact and address information, needed in the print out.

my google map

Any suggestions?

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