I want to list all sites that do a certain thing and I think people all over the internet make small lists containing some of these sites together. For example I want to make a list of all Quantified Self. I first search for zenobase and exist.io and find sites mentioning gyroscope and quantimodo. I add those to the search string and receive just the Quantimodo site. If I add OR between each of the 4 proper nouns (zenobase OR exist.io OR gyroscope OR quantimodo) I get each word mentioned once instead of whatever sites mention most of these words. I need Google or any search engine to find sites with the most of these items mentioned.

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Type this "example" in browser also if you want to find two subjects within same post try this "example" +"example". But if you want to exclude something try this "example" - "example"

  • [zenobase + exist.io + gyroscope + quantimodo] just 4 results like last time. Atualy I think google treats the + as part of the word? Missing: zenobase + ‎exist. ‎gyroscope + – ran8 May 25 at 19:09
  • Yeah because you adding too much. You need to understand the more you add the less post you will find try with 2 combinations. Just "exapmle" + "example" and repeat and by exchanging the keywords. – Digital prince live May 25 at 19:11

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