In a single sheet wanting to copy D3:N if either B3:B or C3:C = S2. I'm sure there is a simple formula to do this I am just unable to find it!

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  • you can solve this easily with QUERY formula:

    =QUERY(D3:N; "where B='"&S2&"' or C='"&S2&"'"; 0)

  • if S2 cell is a number then it would be:

    =QUERY(D3:N; "where B="&S2&" or C="&S2; 0)


Try a formula like the following:


Since FILTER conditions are treated as ANDs, using in your two conditions directly would only let rows through if B3:B AND C3:C matched S2. Instead I use a plus sign to add TRUEs and FALSEs since that works as the Boolean OR we need.

Here's the above formula showing matching rows starting in V3:screenshot of Sheets file with columns D to N replicated in V to AF, but only for rows where B or C matches S2.

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