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My employer has recently transitioned from excel to Google sheets as our timesheet platform, and we're finding that every time the doc is opened or recovered from suspension, it resumes at the top.

Looking to configure some sort of auto-seek to the current day's date or where it was last opened.

I've trialed some suggested code for seeking blank cells but due to formatting, this doesn't suit my application very well. Code:

function onOpen(e) {
    var spreadsheet = e.source;
    var sheet = spreadsheet.getActiveSheet();
    var row = 222;
    while (true) {
        var range = sheet.getRange("L" + row);
        if (!range.getValue()) {

Fortnight format example

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    That's correct - must have missed that in my search. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Very much a script novice so I'll see how I go parsing to my situation. – Chelsea Moseley May 31 at 0:48