On Twitter, I prefer to get rid of unpleasant replies by muting rather than blocking, as muted accounts don’t know they’re muted and also aren’t shown a “you are blocked” page to either complain or gloat about. However, on my end, the issue is that when a muted account replies to your tweet, it’s added to the reply count. For reasons of being somewhat neurotic, I don’t want to see any visual indication that muted accounts have replied to me, so I’d want their replies excluded from the reply count altogether – into the void they go.

Is there a way to subtract or otherwise exclude replies from muted accounts from your tweets’ reply counts?

I’m looking for a solution that specifically works with TweetDeck in Firefox. I know you can do some nifty things through coding in Tampermonkey and the likes, but I’m not a coder so I don’t know how to approach this, if it’s even possible.

My apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this, but I wasn’t sure where else to do so.

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