How can I rename an image in Google Photos? From the web browser, I can add a description, but when I download the image, it uses the original file name. I need a real rename which changes the name such that if I download the image it retains the new name on download. I tried changing the name from Google Drive, but it did not propagate to Google Photos. Maybe it will do so eventually if I wait long enough???

I have hundreds of gigabytes of images stored in Google Photos, so downloading everything, changing the names locally, and then uploading isn't an option. Additionally, it would be ridiculous to just change a few megabytes of actual data.

For the time being, and as a workaround, it appears that I have to disable sync on my Pixel phone until I have had a chance to rename them locally, and then sync in batches. This defeats the main feature of immediate back up of new images I take.

How can I rename images in Google Photos after I have already uploaded them without needing to do an expensive download + re-upload?

  • if you want to rename individual image titles - you can't. Google Photos does not support renaming image files. you are allowed only to change date & time or add location

  • to rename album/folder follow these images:



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