The web interface does not respect the setting where 'enter' sends a message (or not); pressing 'enter' does indeed send the message.

I have composed letters in Word (including line breaks) and then pasted the text into the web interface, but this is overkill.

So how does one create a line break in WhatsApp web?


You can press Shift+Enter to create line breaks in WhatsApp web:

enter image description here

I'm not sure if this is documented somewhere but many desktop applications and websites exhibit this behaviour as well; one of the examples is Stack Exchange's own chat server.

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    Yes! Easy when you know how.... Thanks. Jun 4 '19 at 4:31
  • Any way to change such behavior so ENTER doesn't send the message?. Jun 17 '20 at 20:40
  • @JaimeHablutzel other than a keyboard mapper, I have no idea ...
    – Glorfindel
    Jun 17 '20 at 20:40

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