Is there a way to activate/deactivate a column in QUERY function? I have a query to query and selection of several columns

Select Col1,Col31,Col32,Col33,Col25,Col26,

and want to have a checkbox for each column that could hide/show it. Hiding/showing the entire sheet column with the onEdit script is not an option as this sheet has another data above/under results of this query. So it should be inside the query


The default values for checkboxes are TRUE/FALSE. You could use several IF functions, the & operator and REGEXREPLACE to create the SQL argument for QUERY

Let say that A1 to A5 have the checkboxes, the the resulting formula will look like the following one:

=QUERY(something,"Select "&REGEXREPLACE(IF(A1,"Col1, ",)&IF(A2,"Col31, ",)&IF(A3,"Col32, ",)&IF(A4,"Col25, ",)&IF(A5,"Col26, ",),", $"," "))

  • hey! thanks a lot, it worked well but when I used it for the range that has a header - formula does not bring it to a new query - leaves the blank row. =QUERY(J13:P34, "select "&REGEXREPLACE(IF(J13, "J, ", )& IF(K13, "K, ", )& IF(L13, "L, ", )& IF(M13, "M, ", )& IF(N13, "N, ", )& IF(O13, "O, ", )& IF(P13, "P, ", ), ", $", " "), 1) how to deal with it? – Marchuk Anton Jun 14 at 21:00
  • I'm sorry, it's not clear to me what you mean. Please post a new question including sample input data and the expected result – Rubén Jun 14 at 23:00
  • for selectable columns do it like this where you can use offset 1 to hide values of those selected checkboxes

     "select "&REGEXREPLACE(IF(A1,  "Col1,  ", )&
                            IF(AE1, "Col31, ", )&
                            IF(AF1, "Col32, ", )&
                            IF(AG1, "Col33, ", )&
                            IF(Y1,  "Col25, ", )&
                            IF(Z1,  "Col26, ", ), ", $", " ")&"
      offset 1", 0))


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