I have cell A1 which is a text string:

100 blue cars, 100 red cars, 100 yellow cars

In cell B1 I have a number which is a multiplier say 2.

Is it possible to change the numbers within cell A1 dependant on the value in B1.


A1: 300 blue cars, 300 red cars, 300 yellow cars

B1: 3
  • You should edit this question and explain how you want to multiply ("in cell" or "from cell to cell")
    – user55949
    Jun 4, 2019 at 13:08

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=100*B1&" blue cars, "&100*B1&" red cars, "&100*B1&" yellow cars"


                                REGEXEXTRACT(SPLIT(A1, ","), "\d+(.*)")))


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