When there are no comments in a post, you can still see the comment section, for example: https://duonghoimanga.blogspot.com/2018/11/takane-no-ran-san-chap-14.html

However, as soon as someone comments on a post, the comment section in that post disappears, for example: https://duonghoimanga.blogspot.com/2018/09/takane-no-ran-san-chap-12.html

I am using a third party blogger template, so asking this question on the Blogger Help Forum did not help.

This is really frustrating, because even though I can still see the comments in my admin page, I cannot reply to them and other people visiting my blog cannot see them.

Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

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On other Blogger managed comment sections on other sites the comment disappears (for moderation), but not the whole comment section. Make sure you are not interfering with the Gadget.

This answer is offered on the Forum:

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Edit your post (any one of them) - on your right, click on 'Options' - What does it say under 'Reader Comments'?

Also, make sure the comment box under 'Dashboard - Layout - Blog Posts - Edit' is checked...

Another thing to make sure is your settings. Go to Dashboard - Settings - Posts and Comments - Comment location - Embedded.

If you think all these settings are right, and you still aren't seeing your comment link/form, try resetting your template. First, make a backup by going to Dashboard - Template - Backup/restore - Download Full Template. Next, go to Dashboard - Template - Edit HTML - Proceed - Revert Widget Templates to Default.

A second answer is offered for Disqus users.

It's difficult to read the source (Firefox or Chrome) due to the packing function see: eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,r) but you can see that the comments section is visible in the source of the second link above.

When I view the source I can see: "   'disableGComments': true " - search for that text in the page source view. Please note that comments from Google are no longer supported. Check that your (unnamed) 3rd party template has been updated; perhaps the 3rd party script is interacting with the website and its seperate commenting mechanism.

You can manage your comments and approve them if necessary.

Moderate comments
Turn on comment moderation to review comments before publishing.

Only administrators can moderate comments.

Sign in to Blogger.
1. In the top left, click the Down Arrow. ⬇
2. Select the blog to update.
3. In the left menu, click Settings and then Posts, comments and sharing.
4. Next to "Comment Moderation," select how often you want to review comments before they're published.
5. In the top right, click Save settings.

Approve or delete a comment

Sign in to Blogger.
1. In the top left, click the Down Arrow. ⬇
2. Select the blog to update.
3. In the left menu, click Comments and then Awaiting moderation.
4. Read the comment and Publish, Delete, or Spam.

Publish or reject comments from your email

If you enter an email address to manage comments, you will get an email when you get a new comment.

In the email, click Publish, Delete, or Reject. If you reject a comment, it will be deleted.

If there's an error in the scripts unapproved comments can block that section.