The Slack UI is not ideal for some conversations/threads I participate in, where it would be better to have the text and images copied to another format that I can more easily read and process.

I am not an administrator for the Slack forum in question, so I can't do the bulk export that it looks like admins can do.

Are there other (command-line or GUI) tools I can use with my (non-admin) Slack credentials, to access the text and image content of conversations I have with other Slack users, so that the conversation is more accessible?

  • Alex, did you have any luck with this? – Baumr Nov 16 '20 at 14:52

Here is a command line tool called slackchannel2pdf that can export any Slack channel to a PDF file (text only).

You do not need an admin account, but you need a Slack token with some permissions (from your admins) to use it.

The main release is for Windows, but it's made in Python so it can run on most platforms.

Full disclosure: I am the author of this tool. Its open source and you can use it free of charge.

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