I have a client who uses a Google Form to save data to a Google Sheet. They deleted and recreated one question, and the responses to that question are now being stored in a new column. This messes up existing formulas and pivot tables that are in place.

Is it possible to change where questions responses are saved to within a Google Sheet? The only thing I can see that is configurable is the Sheet where the responses are stored...


Unfortunately, this is not supported in Google Sheets. A common practice (workaround) is to QUERY the Form Response output into the separate sheet and then feed the formulas and pivot tables from there.

  • if you share a copy of that sheet I can craft you that QUERY formula you need – user0 Jun 4 at 22:34
  • 1
    Thanks @user0, I can handle it from here - I'm surprised by the limitation but can work around it, thank you! – Catherine Pearce Jun 5 at 13:59

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