I use Firefox for several hours daily. As a semi-prpofessional programmer, simultaneously learning several languages/platforms (yet cursed with a "handicappingly-poor" memory"), I find myself Googling the same things over and over, such as a specific snippet or exact syntax of a command.

I bookmark any page that helps me, theoretically so I can find it easier next time. The problem is, with thousands of bookmarks it's sometimes tough to locate the exact one I want.

Is it possible, perhaps with Greasemonkey or an extension, when I'm on a page of Google Search results, to have Firefox indicate which of the results are pages that I have bookmarked (or maybe from the same domain as a bookmark), perhaps highlighting the result, moving it to the top, or adding a flag/symbol⭐, etc?

I realize that the "Awesome Bar" combines bookmarks, history, search results, etc, but I think it would be much more helpful in the context of a Search Results page, given the page snippets, extended search options, etc.

As an "elderly coder", with a memory as bad as mine, I'm constantly Googling the same things repeatedly, and I need every bit of help I can get in remembering which sites I've been to - (which code I've used, and which ones worked!)

Any suggestions are appreciated.

  • An extension can do this via the bookmarks API. Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey, etc., do not yet make this capability available. – Brock Adams Jun 5 '19 at 14:31

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