Originally I thought this was a browser issue, but it turns out to be an actual YouTube issue. I'm using Brave Version 0.62.51. Every time I play YouTube, after 10 minutes the video will pause and ask if I am still listening.

Video paused. Continue watching?

enter image description here

How do I disable this feature? Or at least extend the timeout.

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I don't believe you can. Apparently it exists in YouTube Red as well.

There's a Chrome extension however. No idea about Brave. YouTube NonStop

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    Most Chrome extensions can work on Brave because it's based on Webkit. It's worth a shot. Commented Jul 7, 2019 at 22:26

Workaround (only work with playlists):

  1. Start playlist
  2. Then go back (the playlist will go to the bottom right corner)
  3. And that's it. Now auto-pause is not working ...

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