Currently, my personal account is disabled because somebody reported to facebook that I pretend to be another person. While my account is under disabled mode, some other accounts grant my admin right at my popular group. I inspect those persons and realize that they are hackers, who also stole some other popular groups. Highlightly, my personal account is not being hacked, just being disabled due to false report function of facebook.

I've submit an appeal to facebook but have not received any reply from facebook. Any other ways to contact facebook via direct email or paper mail to reactive my facebook account?

Any solution to report those bad accounts, who have stolen many credited groups by such crazy method?

Pls help me to find solution in this case


enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here How can I recover a deleted group? I have a PAGE called Quidditch World Map Project for which I am the only admin:https://www.facebook.com/groups/avijitjana/Until a 5 days ago, I also had a GROUP of the same name. The group members manage the project, while the page is the public-facing part of the project. Today, I realized the GROUP has disappeared from facebook. I did not delete it (or if I did, it was totally accidental). Additionally, the PAGE used to have a pinned post containing a link to the group. This post also has been deleted. I am the only page admin. How can I recover this group and this pinned post? I have no clue how they could have been deleted. Thanks for any help!

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