Within a visual studio online (Azure DevOps?) wiki I want to link to a source code directory, because its relevant for the text of the wiki document.

Linking to other wiki documents within Visual studio online is done by right-clicking on the document explorer side-bar and clicking "Copy Page Path". This will copy a nice link with text to the clipboard. The actual link itself is more concise than when visting to the document's page and copying it from the address bar.
Copy Page Path example
However, I can't seem to find the equivalent in Visual Studio Online's git repository's for the same project. I would like to be able to produce a nicely formatted link to the git directories as I do when I'm linking between wiki pages.

Is there a way to get a nice link url for a Visual Studio online git directory other than by copying the address bar's url when visiting the page for that directory?

The address bar version of things usually has tons of query string parameters that look ugly and are hard to read.

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you can try to use the Clone url for the Git repository.

It looks like https://dev.azure.com/{tenant}/{project}/_git/{repository} and can be used in the browser too.

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