I use column A mainly. A1 is the name of data type, and A2, A3, A4, ... are data. When I open this file, It shows the screen containing the first cell, A1. If I fill data from A2 to A250, then I should scroll down to the cell A251 to fill the next data.

It takes some time, and I want to know the way (if exists) to go to the first blank cell of column A when I open this file.

  • you need onOpen script for your task like this:

function onOpen(e) {
  var spreadsheet = e.source;
  var sheet = spreadsheet.getActiveSheet();
  var lastRow = spreadsheet.getLastRow();
  if (sheet.getMaxRows() == lastRow) {
  lastRow = lastRow + 1;
  var range = sheet.getRange("A" + lastRow + ":A" + lastRow);

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