Is there any way to look at a random link on the internet and find out how many times it has been clicked if the link is not on my website and does not point to my website?

For example, the link www.reddit.com/aRandomUniqueQueryParameter is on the site www.iDontOwnThis.com. How can I determine how many times the Reddit link has been clicked from iDontOwnThis.com?


You can't, but the owner of the www.iDontOwnThis.com can check it out in Analytics/Statistics of his site. Also, the owner of www.reddit.com is able to see the same stats. These stats are private due to security issues so you as a 3rd-party public viewer won't be able to get those numbers.

However, if you have access to the post you could wrap the link into https://bitly.com/ and peek on clicks.

  • That bit.ly trick is not a useful statistic. Only a very limited subset of visitors to the page would use it. – user55949 Jun 13 '19 at 9:26

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