I want to watch a specific film. It's on Netflix. However, when I try to load it with the android app, I have a message stating the film isn't available in my region.

I have a good free OpenVPN list which allows me to connect using basically any countries of the world. None of those VPNs are censored by Netflix. So I tried to load the film from his home country, and I got the message that the film isn't available in the US (instead of my country).

So it does appear that while what I m looking for is on NetFlix, the list of the region it is available from is too narrow to be found manually (though I recognize it can likely be achieved in 3 full hours at searching it).

So how to automatically find in which regions a link to a Netflix film can be watched?

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  • whats the movie name? – user0 Jun 13 at 8:59
  • @user0 I gave you the link to it on Netflix. I want to keep my choices private. I think the question can apply to all films in general. – user220705 Jun 13 at 10:06
  • i.stack.imgur.com/wtD4k.png for me – user0 Jun 13 at 10:08
  • @user0 then it's not available in your region. you need to open it either with a mobile browser or the android app in order to avoid this error and get the real issue along the name instead. But again I need an answer which can apply to future cases and not just the current one. – user220705 Jun 13 at 10:15

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