Issue: When I upload select folders to Google Drive, they're all on the same hierarchical level.

For example, from "D:\folder\subfolder" and "D:\folder2", if "subfolder" and "folder2" are selected and uploaded, in Google Drive they'll be "drive\subfolder" and "drive\folder2".

Question: Instead of the above, [Title]?

Like so: subfolder and folder2 are uploaded, but maintain their file structure of D:\folder\subfolder and D:\folder2, though "D:" is now "drive".

I know I could upload .zip/.rar files to the Drive and preserve the structure that way, however, then it's impossible to preview and manage the files through the web.

Also, I've found this answer, which leads to Google-Docs-Upload, but this only seems to apply to Google Docs and Document files.

  • 1. Go to the parent folder screen, then upload from there. 2. Move the subfolder into the parent folder. 3. Use Backup and Sync to sync your local files with Drive, thereby bypassing the need to upload folders manually and preserving the folder structure. – ahorn Jun 22 '19 at 9:09

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