I'm trying to create a link to a Google Slides presentation that will open in a browser as a PDF. I've tried changing the end of the URL from edit?usp=sharing to export?format=pdf and a few variations with no success. My suspicions were confirmed after reading this article from how-to geek that asserts the technique does not work with Google Slides. Does anyone know of a technique that does work on Google Slides or a work-around?

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As a regular presenter, it's pretty common that people want a copy of the slides. I happily share them when requested but always wondered if there was a way to understand which parts of the presentation they were really interested in.

You can check out this tool that I came across recently that allows for audiences to access a PDF of the presentation on demand while also delivering engagement stats to the presenter.

Pretty cool and has led to some good follow ups with potential customers for me.

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