I am implementing a web application where I want to provide the user the facility to create their own forms and data can be stored into our database. I would like to use Cognito forms and give that platform in my application by using Iframes. But have some questions that I am not able to figure out after spending enough time on google. Questions are:

  • The client does not want any 3rd party application where the data can be shared. I know the data is encrypted and secure and stored on Azure (No SQL). But still; is there any option in Cognito forms where data can be directly saved into our database without storing into cloud?

  • We don’t have any fixed forms that we need to create, our main purpose of using Cognito is to provide the feature to end user, where he/she can create his own forms through our application and data (along with form structure), can be stored into our database only. Right now, I didn’t find any option or trigger where, whenever a user creates a new form, it can trigger some action, and through that trigger/action that new form structure can be stored into our database. Can anyone help on this?

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  • This is not supported and would breach the terms of services. If you want to use their software in this fashion, I would only suggest partnering with them. – Mark Shamy Nov 14 '19 at 19:42

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