I am using a summary page to show stats from a registration page. I want to show the number of registrations based on their date of registration (which is in column A of the Registrations page. I modified a formula offered here via a different post:


So this should return all of the registrations that were made in "01" because the exported format from the software is in the mm/dd/yyyy format. It does this fine. I add cells to display 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08 All of them work great, but when I get to 07 and 08 (future registrations) which should return 0, it returns a 1.

Not a big deal, but not sure I understand why it would do this. All months that actually have registrations are correct.

It does correctly output a 1 for July if I put an July entry into the data sheet, and a 2 if I put in 2 of them, but why am I getting a 1 if there are no such entries matching the criteria?

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It's because if there are no entries, then FILTER can't fetch data eg. FILTER will output #N/A error and COUNTA doesn't care and counts #N/A as 1. Therefore try:

=COUNTA(IFERROR(FILTER('Reg-6-20-2019'!A$2:A, LEFT('Reg-6-20-2019'!A$2:A, 2)="01")))


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