Are there known workarounds yet?

These are two Google Forms limitations I have found.

Unique response requires Google account: If we put a form on our web site and ask any user to respond to it, and we specify that only one response is permitted per user, they can't do so uniquely unless they sign in with a google account.

Checkbox labels commas interfere with download: We can not distinguish commas in the option from those separating multiple responses in the Google Sheets download.

Many natural question options contain commas; it would be better if Google had chosen, say, a pipe character to separate multiple choices in the list.

I can save data to Google Sheets but unfortunately multiple Checkbox responses are all together in one cell, comma-separated. I have been searching for an Apps Script that I can run to collect all the responses so far (there may be thousands) in a more granular form, something like the Surveymonkey API.

Can that be done? Are there any examples posted?

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