In my Gmail I have a few different email addresses that I use. When I send or receive an email there is no problem.

However, if I reply to an email on these accounts, the To: field is populated with my address; the one where I received the email. Which results in replying to myself rather than back to the sender? Why would this happen.

My default address works without problem, it sends, it receives and replies work correctly.

However... all my POP3 receiving addresses/send mail as addresses, will send and receive no problem but when I click on reply it results in the email being addressed to the address that I received it on.

For example, mail arrives to me@example.com, I then click on reply to reply to the person but it results in an email addressed to myself at me@example.com.

I have tried changing the accounts to 'Not an alias.' and back to 'Treat as an alias.' both result in no change to the behavior.

I have also tried on my phone, Chrome on my laptop, and Microsoft Edge on my laptop and all result in the same behaviour.

Anyone any ideas how I can fix this so that clicking reply it populates the reply field with the person's email like email normally does?

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