I use the following formula to calculate plain text so to show leading zeros.


but it's only displaying the results without the leading zero.
Example, if It is adding up 0100+0200 it is displaying an answer as 300, but I need it to display 0300.

  • A sum of numbers is a number. Look up conversion from number to text. You question is also not very specific: how many characters do you want in the result, and how many digits are in the numbers in S2:S17? And are these all integers? Please edit – user55949 Jun 25 '19 at 7:45
  • They are all whole numbers, used for total of hours worked. They have to fit in a timesheet template ie 01.50, 02.00, 11.00. They are all 4 digit, but I need them to display the 0 at the start of the 3 digit ie 0100, so the final sum is in the correct cells on the template. Without the 0 at the start the numbers shift to the left cell and making the total wrong – Peteh Jun 25 '19 at 8:13

If this is a time you should enter it as: 01:00:00 and format it like:


And then you will just use simple SUM(A1:A2):


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