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It's all in the title, but I'll spell it out:

Let's say my primary Gmail address is bob@gmail.com, and my alias is bob@bobscrabshack.com.

I have my personal mail server forwarding mail addressed to bob@bobscrabshack.com to bob@gmail.com and I'm using my SMTP server to send mail via bob@bobscrabhshack.com using Gmail.

Someone sends me an email: Crab party inquiry to bob@bobscrabshack.com and I check it in Gmail. I hit reply. I want the "From:" to be automatically set to bob@bobscrabshack.com but by default, it is set to bob@gmail.com. I normally want to send mail and reply as bob@gmail.com except when the mail is addressed to bob@bobscrabshack.com. Is there a way to do this?

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In your Gmail Settings there is an option for this:

enter image description here

In addition, also note these settings:

enter image description here

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