I'm not quite sure how to word this so I couldn't find any answers to my question after some searching.

I am trying to copy and paste values into my Google sheet. These values are copied from another website which has a different font and font size than that which I have in my sheet. However, when these values are pasted they appear in the style that is on the website. Is there a way to pre-set a cell's style so that any value pasted into it conforms to the cell's preset style?

I am aware that I could set up multiple sheets, one as an input and another as an output, in order to solve this problem, although I'd rather not do this.

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    share a copy of your sheet with example of desired output
    – user0
    Jun 27, 2019 at 18:12
  • @user0 3rd column shows what happens when I copy, fourth shows what I want to happen when copied. This is a simplified version of my real sheet in order to make my point clearly. I want to see the cell colouring too. drive.google.com/…
    – deckador
    Jun 27, 2019 at 18:36

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In Google Sheets, pasted data auto-inherit default formatting of Google Sheets which is Arial 10px eg. it overrides all priorly set formattings. To counter this behavior there are three workarounds:

  • double-click the cell and paste data


  • paste data in fx bar instead of cell

    enter image description here

  • paste it as is and copy the cell with the desired formatting (A4) and then select A3 and press


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