If I change my Google account's default language, it sets it for Search and Google Maps, and Gmail and so on...

Now I want my Search to default to one language and my Google Maps default language to be another one?

Is it possible to do so?


Yes, it is. The interface language of Google Maps is triggered here:

Language of Google products can be set up here:

While Google Search results are managed from here:

However, Gmail has its own language settings in:

side note: "Current Region" is derived either from your IP or your GPS

  • region settings is not language settings. when changing language settings it will change google search language and google maps language as well. – user315338 Jul 1 at 5:24
  • yes, it will. if that was your question (to have separate languages on search and maps) then it's not possible – user0 Jul 1 at 9:47

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