I have a Google Sheets golf scorecard which I use on my Android 7 phone. I use it to capture my scores at the end of the round, to calculate stableford points and adjust my handicap. Each time I want to quickly enter a score for each hole, overwriting the previous entry in each cell. However when I tap on a cell which contains an existing number and start typing a number the new number gets appended to the existing one, rather than overwriting it. So for example if a cell contains a 4, and I tap on it and enter a 5, the cell value becomes 45 rather than 5. Obviously I can use the backspace key before entering each value, but that's a bit tedious when I want to quickly enter 18 values. Is there a way of configuring the Sheets app to overwrite existing values when I tap on a cell and start typing?

  • try tripple tap – user0 Jun 28 '19 at 14:03

If you overwrite the score, you will lose the old score. If you want to preserve all scores, you can create a form, linked to your spreadsheet and capture each score, with automatic time stamping. It doesn't take more than a few minutes to create a form and deploy it.

Create a sheet insert-form

That's all

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