Recently, I apparently got entered into an experimental new layout of Google Images. The layout I now get for images can be seen below:

enter image description here

As you can see, the entire image preview is not much bigger than the original thumbnail, because the whole preview banner is shoved to the side of the images. I really dislike this new layout, because it basically forces me if I want to enlarge the image to do it by opening it in a new tab (which is an extra right click and 'open image' press). This is way more effort than browsing through images by simply clicking the thumbnail once, or even using arrow keys to navigate through.

I'd love to turn off this experimental feature. Is there an account setting I can change to opt-out of this feature? Or if not, is it possible to opt-out of experimental features whatsoever?

Before you ask, yes I just sent a feedback report to Google, but I'm not sure what they might do with it or if it's even possible for the support staff to disable this feature for me.

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