We created a second YouTube channel on a domain email account (e.g. info@domainname.co.uk), which we use as a central account for account access for our clients. However doing this suddenly created a brand account and our domain email address (e.g. info@domainname.co.uk) has now changed on the account to (infodomainname@gmail.co.uk), without alerting us to this change.

Now I am very concerned we will now lose access to all client accounts because of this change we were not aware of. When I go into settings it won’t let me change the main email address back to the domain one, but the domain email address is still being mentioned as getting alerts etc.

Right now it seems access still works and we can login with the domain email account credentials.

But can someone let me know if: 1. We will lose access to anything that granted us access to the domain email address soon (right now we haven’t but it has only just happened). 2. Will we not be able to login using the domain email address soon (right now we still can but it has only just happened). 3. Can we somehow get the domain email address back to the primary email address (as it won’t let us in account settings) - is this something we have to request from Google or go by another means?

Any advice would be much appreciated, as I am frightened we will lose all our access and permissions soon!