I have an array formula that looks like this:

=ArrayFormula(IF(COUNTIF(B2:B, QUERY('Form Responses'!B2:G, "select G where B != ''"))=0, IFERROR(QUERY('Form Responses'!B2:G, "select B, G where B != ''"), "")))

It retrieves data from a different sheet that's connected to Google Forms. With the first IF and COUNTIF I try to check whether the G column from the form response sheet is already present in the B column in my current sheet. If that is not the case, I query column B and G.

However, if the value is present already, I don't want to query it, but I also don't want an empty line, which is now happening because of the "" as the third argument for the IF statement.

Is there a way in which I can only query if not a duplicate, without adding an empty line otherwise?

  • share a copy of your sheet – user0 Jul 3 at 12:26
  • the "" is part of IFERROR not IF therefore try:

     IFERROR(QUERY('Form Responses'!B2:G, "select G   where B !=''", 0)))=0, 
     IFERROR(QUERY('Form Responses'!B2:G, "select B,G where B !=''", 0)), )), 
     "where Col1 is not null", 0)

  • Thank you for catching that! However, it still results in empty lines when the IF statement is false. – Niels Kersic Jul 3 at 20:08
  • and you want what exactly? to remove empty lines in between and create a compact of results?? – user0 Jul 3 at 20:12
  • Yes. When the IF statement is false, it should go to the next entry in the query instead of returning an empty line. – Niels Kersic Jul 3 at 20:24
  • @NielsKersic answer updated, try now – user0 Jul 3 at 20:31
  • 1
    That did the trick! Thanks – Niels Kersic Jul 4 at 9:03

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