I am attempting to change the font of selected text within a cell in Google Sheets using a keyboard shortcut.

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  • I have attempted the steps meant for google docs here: How can I change the font in Google Docs just with keyboards shortcuts? None of these steps have worked for me while inside the cell.

  • I have also tried creating a macro (tools -> macro) that manually selects the font that I want, however, this does not work.

  • I have not been able to change an active selection from within a cell without using the mouse.

Any and all help is appreciated.

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This is only possible to achieve manually:


Unfortunately, it's only possible with the mouse, because the font selector can't be triggered from a cell that is being edited via keyboard shortcuts. So the manual sequence is:

  • select cell to be edited
  • press ENTER to enter editing mode
  • navigate further with arrow keys
  • make a selection with holding SHIFT + arrow keys
  • when text selected pick a font with your mouse

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