My mobile phone has been stolen and I have blocked my number and bought a new sim with same mobile number. When I reset password and followed the instructions, it shows at the end of page:
Google could not verify your account.

Please help me.

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    Would you follow the instructions at Google and tell us where you have the problem? [You'll want to be on the "Computer" Tab (not "Android" / "iPhone") if you don't have any cellphone] Your carrier can probably lend you a lousy free phone while you wait to get your lost phone back (or write it off), I am uncertain about the purpose of having a SIM (and possibly paying a monthly charge) without some cellphone to physically insert it into. In any event try that URL with your home computer and your original email account that you registered. – Rob Jul 7 '19 at 12:44

You should use your recovery email.

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