When I insert an image in a cell in Google Sheets from my camera how is that image stored in the cell? I know it creates an image in my phone in a folder called images, but if I want to link that picture to some function in Google Sheets how do I do that?

I am trying to figure out how to make a pop out picture or make the pictures larger on click somehow. All the sources I have found require a URL or file location. I don't know what the location of these pictures is. Please help.


The picture you inserted into Google Sheets' cell is hosted/located on Google's server (exact location/address is unknown). In other words - you "made a copy" of your picture from your device to Google Sheets.

Once the image is in the cell you are able to simply refer to that cell like:


And further, you are able to use this reference in formulas like:

However, if you want to have a popup/hover of the original size on demand you will need to do it like this:

  • upload your image on some image hosting site (Imgur for example)
  • create a hyperlink with HYPERLINK function

    =HYPERLINK("https://i.imgur.com/coz84n9.png", A38)

  • and install this extension: Hover Zoom+

  • then just point your cursor on the link


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