A website I need to access is currently down (port 80 connection hangs).

Is there a free online no-registration-required service that monitors websites that are down and then emails me when the site's back up?

I realize I could write this myself or use Nagios/etc, but it'd be nice to have a quick-and-dirty website for this.

I also don't want to set up constant or repeating monitoring. I just want to know when the site is up, and never hear from the app again (unless I revisit it and ask it to monitor another site).

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There are a lot of uptime checkers. I use uptime.openacs.org because I like the clean interface. :)

It sends a request every 15 minutes. You get an email when your site is down and another one when the site is back again. On some sites I use the service as a poor man’s cron job.

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