Google Drive Settings list an option to "Create a Google Photos folder." Checking it proposes to "Automatically put your Google Photos into a folder in My Drive." I want to do this, but whenever I check that box and click Done (or anything else in that Settings pane) it will uncheck itself and the feature does not appear.

How do I enable this feature?

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This may be directly related to the latest Drive/Photos update that up to this day wasn't fully rolled out - https://www.blog.google/products/photos/simplifying-google-photos-and-google-drive/

A recommended course of action is to wait a few more days until the update has been completed.


You won't be able to check that anymore because Google Drive And Google Photos stopped being in Sync from July 10 2019. That checkbox is just the front-end residue of the old feature which probably will be removed in the upcoming days.

See Google Announcement: https://support.google.com/photos/answer/9316089


That feature is no longer available, so the checkbox you're trying to use will probably disappear soon.


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