I have a spreadsheet with a list of the items I sell.

For each item (1 per row), I have the following columns:

  1. Item Code in Column H
  2. Item (name) in Column I
  3. Price Per Pack in Column J

Example Data:

1 Item Code Item Per Pack
2 C1 Choco Chip Cookies 100
3 C2 Jolly Cookies 100
4 C3 Cookies and Cream 100
5 M1 Choco Mallows 85
6 M2 Filled Mallows 180
7 N1 Pistachios 110
8 N4 Cashews 85
9 N5 Cornick 25
10 G1 Gummy Worms 25

In the same sheet, I am trying to create a formula in Column C that returns the price that matches the Item Code chosen from the dropdown in Column B (Request).

In Column D I enter the Quantity and in Column E I can calculate the Total once I have the price.

I succeeded using the IF function for item "C1" but it only works for one item: =IF(B2="C1",100,)

How do I return the Price for an item using the Item Code chosen in Column B?

Example Results:

1 Request Price Quantity Total
2 C1 100 1 100
3 C1 100 2 200

Spreadsheet Screenshot
Spreadsheet Screenshot


1 Answer 1

  • delete everything in B column and paste this into B1 cell:


  • delete everything in E column and paste this into E1 cell:

={"Total"; ARRAYFORMULA(IF(C2:C<>"", C2:C*D2:D, ))}

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