i have several thousand rows of data. Each row represents a task and includes the start time, end time, and data related to the task in the other columns. A task duration varies between 1 second to several minutes

I want to visualize how the tasks were scheduled over the data and any overlap that occured over a single day.

My spread sheet has this structure

start_timestamp, end_timestamp , ......more columns data.....
1562370607408   1562370607557    ..........
1562370509143   1562370509275    ..........
1562369706076   1562369706199    ..........

I was able to create spark lines per each row using this formula which gives a simple indicator based on the bar width of it's duration

=SPARKLINE({A5-$B$3,B5-A5},{"charttype" , "bar"; "color1" , "white"; "color2" , "red"; "max", $B$2-$B$3})

I'd like to be able to have an aggregated cell which shows the task scheduling during the full day (and periods when no work was done)

Is it possible?

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  • You want this to be done in google sheets, but tagged Excel? Which one is it? – JvdV Jul 15 at 20:14
  • share a copy of your sheet with example of desired output – user0 Jul 15 at 22:36

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